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These are just a few of our Testimonials.

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“I’ve been a member at SMAC almost 2 years now. In 2020 I was 400lbs, ate like crap and consumed a lot of alcohol . I also had a sleep machine, type 2 diabetes, and high blood pressure. My doctor at the time said my only option was weight loss surgery. I decided to do it on my own. So I made some small changes with my diet and totally quit alcohol. My weight started to drop and that motivated me to do more. Then I started walking daily 30min. That graduated to 4 miles every morning and then 6 miles. People don’t usually believe me when I tell them I lost the weight walking my dog in my neighborhood. After I lost the weight I had a lot of loose skin and it was cold outside, so I joined smac to tone I’m about 170lbs and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I no longer need my sleep machine, my type 2 is gone and my blood pressure is great.

Allen B. 





"I was never the kind of person who enjoyed exercising but I knew if I didn't make a change I was not going to be around long for my Grandkids. So I joined SMAC FITNESS, and got with a Trainer. That was over 2 years ago, now I am 40 pounds lighter and feeling great. It's not always easy but I know I never want to go back to the way I was. Becoming a member of this fitness club was probably the best thing I have ever done."

Jennifer, Mechanicsville                                                                               12/12/2008



"I have been a member at many health clubs over the years, and I must say that this is the cleanest most friendly gym I have ever been a member of. I love it here and I really appreciate the free coffee in the morning."

Jim. Charlotte Hall                                                                                              8/11/2012



Just wanted to thank you for offering the Weight Loss Challenge. This has been a fun and motivating program that I have personally enjoyed. Surprisingly enough, I’ve made friends, started a habit, and have become addicted to the gym. I have found personal growth during this adventure, and really look forward to continuing on with this life style even when it’s over. Stacy was my personal trainer during this journey, and have nothing but great things to say about her. She pushed, encouraged, and motivated me at a level I didn’t think I was capable of. In the end she not only made me feel great about my success she celebrated in it too. I took advantage of the reduced price for personal training during the Weight Loss Challenge, and must say, best money I’ve ever spent. I intend to continue using the personal training services, as I have found them to be very important to my week at the gym. In closing just want to add that I have found the spirit of competition to be enjoyable. Thank you again. Continue to do what you do, making this an environment of “YES YOU CAN!”


Carrie                                                                                                                10/15/2010

I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and host of other issues....of course they were all weight related. I was very intimidated by the "gym concept" and did not think I would fit in the environment. On a Sunday in January, 2006 my friend suggested that we checkout SMAC Fitness. We immediately joined. All of the instructors take the time to motivate and encourage the students but the best is the fact that the other gym members take time to motivate as well. The best result is that I am no longer taking any medication. My medical conditions are under control! Thank you SMAC Fitness!

Vicki, Mechanicsville                                                                                           5/1/2008

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" This is the best gym ever.  I am so happy that I joined.         
It is so clean , the classes are fantastic and you couldn't ask for a better staff. Thank you!  - I'm a transplant from Calvert County - there is nothing even close to your standards here that I know of."
Nancy                                                                                    2/26/23

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