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Our SMAC Team is here to help you!

 General Manager                        Ryan Keller                    


Group Ex and

Child Care Director                      Kelly Courtney  

Front Desk Team :

Brian Clark

Dave Blado

Skye Blado

Debbie Fischer

Felicia Howard

James Burnett

Jimi Simon

Kristi Frischholz

Loretta Tyler

Rachel Hill

Building oversite, Gym Sparkle:

Billy Easter

Stacey Adkins

Group Exercise Instructors:

Arielle C.

Cassandra M.

Corrie F.

Glorimar R.

Jen W.

Jessica B. 

Jessica S.

Jim T.

Kelly C.

Laura M.

Nay C.

Rachel H.

Sherry S.

Susan T.

Personal Training Information


Cassandra M.

Susan T.

Stephanie A.

Jim T. 

Kristin L.

Avery T.      


SMAC Staff: Text
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