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On the Treadmill

The Results Network Advantage

One of the many advantages of being a member at SMAC! is that your gym experience is not limited to just one facility. 

We have joined with other clubs all over Southern Maryland to give members the ability to change up their workouts, try different classes with different Instructors and work out on different varieties of equipment. This great benefit is at no additional cost and is available to all regular keytag members.

You may use each club in our Network up to 5 visits per month, just remember to bring your keytag and your drivers license if the club you are visiting needs to verify your membership.

Use other Gyms: About

Gyms in our Network are located in -

Owings - Results

LaPlata - Meridian Fitness

Waldorf - Exurb Fitness


Call our front desk if you need more information.


Use other Gyms: Text

Use other Gyms: Text
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