*We are not accepting cancellations via email. Our regular policies for cancellations will resume after we reopen. If you wish to cancel after we reopen, please read below how to avoid any charges. Standard contract obligations will resume upon our reopening.

Dear SMAC member,

These are scary times and we must all do our part so we can get back to our lives that we now have a much greater appreciation for.

In March, when we were first faced with this crisis and forced by law to close our doors we had no idea as to the length or scope of this pandemic. We felt in our hearts that it would not be right to continue to charge our members for a service they did not have access to. We still believe in that idea.


However, with the realization and hard fact that this shut down will last longer than anticipated, we are forced to make some difficult decisions. These decisions have only one goal in mind... to help make sure that SMAC Staff will be able to keep their job and so your gym will be able to once again service you.

As we move forward our plan is as follows - We will not be charging any of our members for April. 

During the month of April, you are being given the opportunity to decide how you would like your May billing to be done.

*We are going to set up billing in May where we are charging members 1/2 of their normal membership dues. For any member that is charged this amount we will be giving

CREDIT FOR 1 FULL MONTH of dues  that will be given back to you after we reopen. 

This will automatically be set up so if this sounds alright with you than you do not need to do anything.

If you are feeling the financial pressure of these trying times and choose not to have any billing at all until we reopen we ask that you simply email our Manager, Steve Sudnick at 

steve@smacfit.com . Let him know you would like to decline being billed 1/2 for the future credit. Please do so before April 25th 2020 so we can make sure to adjust your account.

For any of our members that are drop payment, if we do not receive your payment via U.S. Mail by the 25th we will attempt to debit your back up credit card for the 1/2 payment. If we do not receive the payment or are unable to debit your back up, we simply will not be charging your account and you will not receive the 1 Month Credit. 

This is our 15th year of servicing our community. We have done so with pride and appreciation and we will get through all of this together. For now, we need as much of your help as you are able to give. If you are not in the position to pay the 1/2 dues, we understand and are here for you as well. Helping each other is how we will get through.

God Bless and stay safe,

Ryan Keller

Owner, Southern Maryland Athletic Club


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